CMR - Effective protection against bad debt CMR - Effective protection against bad debt CMR - Effective protection against bad debt

Credit Insurance & Bad Debt Management

Bad Debt

Bad debts can affect your business in many ways without you even realising the risks. Unpaid accounts from your buyers can have an impact with your working capital, which, in turn, consumes a percent of your investment in the business. The longer the outstanding debt remains unpaid, the greater risks your enterprise might experience. When it comes to bad debt, CMR can discuss its risks and help your business stay on the safe side.

How bad debt could affect you - and what to do about it.

Credit Insurance

CMR gives you peace of mind when dealing with bad debt. Our approach is what sets us apart from other credit insurance companies. We take prompt actions to make sure payments are right on schedule, so you can focus on important matters of your business. We provide in-person service, collate paperwork, negotiate with debtors and collaborate with your business to determine the best solution in recovering debt.

About us

CMR is a credit insurance specialist offering tailored solutions and extensive support to start-up and major enterprises across Britain. We provide a safeguard for your business to prevent risks and ensure you remain profitable even during financial uncertainties. We are a team of dedicated and professional individuals who strive to give high-standard service when it comes to credit risk management.

Clients say

CMR places great value in maintaining high-level client satisfaction and ensuring they receive proper guidance with credit risk management. We've worked with clients in different industries, from manufacturers to SMEs.